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Environment - Community - Wellbeing

Anthropology at Utah State University educates and trains a new generation of citizen-scholars to understand the complex human dimensions of environment, community, and well-being, past and present.






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Anthropology Club

The mission of the USUSA Anthropology Club is to promote anthropological learning and interest among USU students in a way that fosters community, scholarship, and service.

Archaeology Field School

Learn about the Archaeology Field School and how to access this resource offered to students within the anthropology program at Utah State University.

Climate Adaption Science

The Climate Adaptation Science (CAS) Program provides students with direct experience in actionable science through internships and research.


In Memoriam: Bradley W. Parlin

Utah State University Department of Sociology and Anthropology wishes to highlight Bradley W. Parlin as a gifted teacher and scholar and express their gratitude for the impact he made within the USU community.

Anthropology research awarded NSF funding

The NSF has funded a study to understand how behavioral changes affect health outcomes. Associate Professor of Cultural Anthropology, François Dengah, will conduct a three-year project looking at the impact of gender roles and family life on an individual...