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Cultural anthropology seeks to study human cultures across the globe and throughout history, their values, and their development. Applied anthropology works to solve real world problems by using anthropological methods and ideas. Students who select the Cultural/Applied track can expect to look beyond their worldviews and learn how their own culture is just as unique as any other.

Career Application

Sociocultural anthropologists explore how people in different places live and understand the world around them. They want to know what people think is important and the rules they make about how they should interact with one another. Even within one country or society, people may disagree about how they should speak, dress, eat, or treat others. Anthropologists want to listen to all voices and viewpoints in order to understand how societies vary and what they have in common. Sociocultural anthropologists often find that the best way to learn about diverse peoples and cultures is to spend time living among them. They try to understand the perspectives, practices, and social organization of other groups whose values and lifeways may be very different from their own. The knowledge they gain can enrich human understanding on a broader level.

Alumni Advice

Jason Nelson

Tune in to watch Jason Nelson (BS JCOM Public Relations & Corporate Communication) discussing interviewing skills.

The Value of an Inclusive Education

Listen in as several alumni of color reflect on their time at USU and discuss its impact on their careers. Learn from their professional experiences to consider how multicultural education affects students at USU.

Young Alums Panel

Young alums give advice and information about career options post-graduation at our Alumni Lunch Series.

Ethnographic Field Schools

A large group of students post together on their ethnographic field school trip to Huanchaco and Julcan, Peru in 2018

USU Anthropology students have the opportunity to attend Ethnographic Field Schools led by professors in the Anthropology department, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to earn credit as participants in an ethnographic field school for anthropological research.

Student Ethnographies

Reed boats in Northern Peru docked on the beach

Students who attend Ethnographic Field Schools will have the opportunity to publish their very own ethnographies documenting their experiences. 

"Tourism Seen Through Different Eyes" by Allison Hillman (2018)

"In Grave Details: Burial Rituals Among Ancient and Modern Religious Cultures in Northern Peru" by Holly Howell (2018)

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