Anthropology Department Research

Student conducting research in an open field surrounded by other anthropologists


The USU Anthropology Department conducts research throughout the school year on several topics that effect the local and statewide community. These research pojects include the participation from professors, students, and community members. Participating in research provide students with valuable experience needed to understand the research process and how to conduct their own research in the future. Community engagement is a priority in the Anthropology Department research projects and we ensure participation from all age groups and a variety of cultural backgrounds. Learn more about community engagement.  

Bringing War Home Project

Logo of bringing war home project

Through a National Endowment for the Humanities sponsored program led by two Utah State University faculty from history and anthropology, the “Bringing War Home” project invites the community--military and civilian alike--to connect with the history of war through sharing wartime objects and the personal stories that surround them.

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Water Heritage Project

Water heritage project logo

The Water Heritage Anthropological Project investigates how water has shaped communities over time using archaeological, geospatial, ethnographic, and archival data. As part of the research process, we create widely available products to educate and collaborate with the public about this history. This long-term perspective of water heritage in the western U.S. seeks to preserve and integrate precontact and historic materials, and to derive insight for contemporary water challenges.

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