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Life can be pretty tough sometimes. Why is it that some people can go through really rough times and still bounce back? The difference is that those who bounce back have resilience. Resilience is our ability to adapt successfully in the face of stress, trauma, or adversity and then bounce back to our normal state of functioning and well-being. The good news is that resilience isn't something you're born with or not. The skills of resilience can be learned.

This 3-session Building Resilience Program will provide you with skills to increase resilience during and after stressful life events, improve general well-being and enhance performance in demanding activities such as academics and sports. Research indicates that increased resilience can positively affect school and life outcomes for students, including academic achievement.

This program will introduce you to Mind-Body Bridging, an evidence-based intervention that alleviates psychological distress and enhances psychological resilience and general well-being. You will be taught skills to cultivate present-focused awareness of your body, thoughts and emotions and develop an understanding of the psychological mechanisms behind maladaptive mind-body states and behaviors. You will learn techniques that enhance awareness and understanding of your own thought processes, as well as to re-evaluate or reframe both negative and positive experiences, and adjust non-productive and limiting expectations of yourself, others and the world that restrict your potential.

Thank you for helping us gain these tools, I’m feeling more resilient already!

Building Resilience® Workshop Participant

Meet the Session Leaders

Kevin Webb
Associate Director
I-System Institute for Transdisciplinary Studies

Kevin Webb, MSW, LCSW is the Associate Director of the I-System Institute for Transdisciplinary Studies at Utah State University. Kevin has over thirty years experience helping people, including those with disabilities, behavioral and mental health challenges, domestic violence, trauma, addiction and substance abuse. He has over 25 years experience as a clinical consultant and child and family therapist.

Tanya Pirtle
Program Coordinator
I-System Institute for Transdisciplinary Studies
Presenter Profile

Tanya Pirtle is the program coordinator for the I-System Institute for Transdisciplinary Studies at USU. Tanya has 15 years of varied experience working in the field of social work. In addition to her work at the Institute, she has worked in the developing world, in the criminal justice system, working with foster and adoptive families, and residential childcare. She has 6 children and one grandchild and enjoys backpacking, hiking, and being outside.


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