Religious Studies

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The religious studies program at USU provides students with a neutral place to study religion and its role in society regardless of students' private religious beliefs. As the only program of its kind in Utah, the religious studies program helps students master cultural literacy about religion and gain competence in thinking about how human make meaning in the face of confusing and sometimes painful realities. The interdisciplinary study consists of courses on religious studies and many related areas, such as history, art history, English, philosophy and more.

Career Application

The Religious Studies major prepares students for careers in a variety of fields including law, journalism, non-profits, NGOs, church and ministry, the Foreign Service, management, international business, public policy, the hospitality industry, and teaching. The major pairs perfectly with almost any other major, given the significant flexibility that majors have in choosing their coursework.

Our students have gone on to study religion, law, and classics at prestigious universities, including UC-Berkley, UVA, and UT-Austin, while others have found jobs in museums, seminaries, and the LDS Church History Department. 

Program Highlights


Gain work experience and network with professionals working in historical fields while receiving credit towards your degree.

Alumni Advice

Rev. Dr. Fatimah Salleh

Rev. Dr. Fatimah Salleh recently shared her experiences following graduating from CHaSS and founding A Certain Work, an organization dedicated to educating on issues of faith, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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