Political Science Accelerated Master's



Our accelerated degree program offers undergraduate students the ability to complete their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in political science in five years.  Students can begin taking graduate-level course work as an undergraduate and will complete 120 undergraduate-level credits and 30 graduate-level credits.  Teaching assistantships and tuition waivers are available on a competitive basis.  The graduate course sequence covers a full range of political science subfields and methodology.  Students will learn valuable skills to answer complex questions about the political world in preparation for advanced education or the job market.

Post-Graduation Application

This degree program helps students to stand out in the job market and receive higher salaries in their careers. The accelerated degree program helps students to quickly advance toward a Ph.D. and deepen their understanding of the political world through additional skills and knowledge in American politics, comparative politics, international relations and political theory.

Program Advisor

Robert Ross

Robert Ross

Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies

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