Heravi Peace Institute


Peacebuilding starts with you

The world needs more people committed to creating peace, and we aim to empower students with the temperment and tools needed to bring about social change. The Heravi Peace Institute at Utah State University prepares students to enter the workforce already adept at cultural peacebuilding, conflict management, nonprofit work, and the power to create intentional relationships and enact change in their communities.

This institute, housed in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, is an academic program that supports student internships and other experiential learning, faculty and student research activities, and ongoing programming and public outreach in the field of peacebuilding through the proactive implementation of skills in a variety of settings and institutions to practice nonviolent collaboration and transformative conflict at the personal, interpersonal, family, community, intergroup, national, and international levels.

To find out more, contact hpi@usu.edu

Upcoming Events

August 27, 2024: A Light on the Hill

Come see the HPI and get to know other groups, organizations, and clubs at the annual CHASS "A Light on the Hill!" Free swag, games, food, and lots of incredible people. See you there!

Location: The Quad

Time: TBA



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