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2022 Spring Spring 2022 Newsletter This semester we reboot the newsletter, after a two-year hiatus, with a retrospective on the disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic and our recent return from the isolation of it all.
2019 Fall Fall 2019 Newsletter First of all, I would like to recognize and applaud IELI Senior Lecturer Marta Halaczkiewicw and Graduate Instructor Sharon Lyman for being awarded the Department of Languages, Philosophy and Communication Studies Lecturer of the Year and Graduate Student Instructor of the Year.
2019 Spring Spring 2019 Newsletter Gathering material for this edition of the newsletter has reminded me of the many different ways that we in the Intensive English Language Institute strive to connect to wider communities: local, national and global.
2018 Fall Fall 2018 Newsletter Even as the director, I am always surprised to see the many activities in which the IELI faculty and students are engaged and the ways in which IELI has touched the lives of so many. In this newsletter we highlight a few of our students who were attracted to USU.
2017 Fall Fall 2017 Newsletter Most universities in the U.S. have seen a precipitous decline in international student admissions this year. Similar to what we saw post 9-11 and later in the economic downturn of 2008, IELI is also experiencing a drop in student numbers.
2017 Spring Spring 2017 Newsletter In memoriam: Frank Bacheller. It is with deep sadness that I wanted to share the news that our dear colleague, mentor, and friend, Frank Bacheller, passed away last week. Frank retired after 29 years in IELI, 11 of which he spent as director.