Why Donate?

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences is built upon a foundation of excellence. Our faculty members are recognized for world-class teaching and leadership, and our students engage in research and service learning that will help change the world. However, without the generosity of others we simply would not be who we are today.

State budgets continue to recover from the global economic downturn. Without additional support, we cannot sustain the traditional high-level research, teaching, and learning opportunities USU students deserve and have come to expect.

Many students do not realize that tuition does not cover the full cost of operating the college and university. It doesn’t even cover half. State funding doesn’t either. The difference is made by private donors who believe in USU’s mission and support it through gifts for scholarships, professorships, and programs. They help USU retain quality faculty members, recruit top students, and continue its tradition of excellence.

Please consider giving to CHaSS if you:

  • Received a scholarship or fellowship
  • Participated in a student club or sport
  • Had a teacher who made you feel valued, who made you feel capable of making a difference
  • Were subsidized to present your research at a conference
  • Feel you benefited from your education at USU

The Campaign for USU

The university launched its first comprehensive fundraising campaign in 2007, focused on garnering support for scholarships, professorships, and facilities across the university. At its close in 2012, the effort raised more than half a billion dollars to help ensure Utah State remains accessible for all who come to learn. The Campaign for USU will make a lasting difference in the successes of our faculty and students, and in the future of the college and university. However, not all of the department's funding needs were met during this historic campaign. We continue to seek support for our students in the form of scholarships and internships. We invite you to join us.

Languages, Philosophy, and Communication Studies Priorities

(These are not necessarily ranked, as all are very important)

Scholarships for Students. Students are a priority in our department and many face serious financial difficulties in their efforts to receive their education. The department has existing scholarships focused on the following areas: Languages in general, Spanish, French, German, English as a second-language, Philosophy, Communication Studies, and Global Communication. Contributions to these existing scholarships help to make a greater impact on the lives of our students. The department is also very interested in increasing the number of scholarships we give as each year we have many deserving students that we cannot help. New scholarships could be in any of the areas just noted. We could also establish scholarships for students going on study abroad programs sponsored by the department, studying other languages that we serve (such as Chinese, Japanese, and Portuguese), or focusing on other areas of specialization, such as ethics in Philosophy, Asian Studies, Organizational Communication, Interpersonal Communication, or Persuasion.

Endowed Chairs. These positions would ideally be teaching-focused positions. Actually, endowed “lecturers” who are heavily focused on teaching would be ideal. The department is quite broad in nature and has many needs in terms of teaching.

Student Opportunity Fund

The college established the CHaSS Student Opportunity Fund to encourage alumni and friends to ensure that higher education continues to be a dream within reach of students from all walks of life. Utah State University was founded on this premise. And now more than ever we need to make sure this remains possible. The CHaSS Student Opportunity Fund will help us to raise 100 new scholarships and fellowships for students in the college and keep higher education a dream within reach. Please join us today.