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The Department of Journalism and Communication Studies' internship program is designed to help students enrich their education, give them practical experience, prepare them for prospective employment and earn credit toward their degrees.

The benefits from internships cannot be overstated. In many fields of study an internship is rapidly becoming an essential, often required, part of the educational process. Career experts can't stress enough the value of internships and how they can lead to great jobs. Employers are looking for more than good grades and the right credentials; they prefer employees who have had experience in the real world of work and see internships as a real differentiator, a symbol of maturity and competence.

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General Internship Info

What qualifies as an internship?
What is required during my internship?

How do I get started?

Students will need to get digital signatures on this form and send it to Bobbee Russell or Susan Polster who will open the internship course for them.

After the variable credit course is opened, students should change the number of credits to the appropriate number for their internship. View the video below to learn how.

Program Internship Coordinator

Journalism and Communication
Department Head
Internship Coordinator
Susan Polster

Susan Polster

Department Head | Journalism & Communication


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