Interdisciplinary Degrees

History department faculty members often provide teaching support to interdisciplinary programs across the university. Read on for a list of programs to which the department contributes.

American Studies

This interdisciplinary program encourages students to combine, cross, and stretch academic boundaries as they study the diversity and complexity of American history and cultures.

International Studies - Major, Minor

Expand your perspective and gain knowledge relating to complex global issues. Study language, address problems relating to security, ethnic conflict and human rights, and practice interdisciplinary skills.

Religious Studies - Major

Build thoughtful understanding of religion and its relationship with culture, individuals and communities. Master critical thinking and effective communication.

Arabic Studies - Minor

Expand your understanding of the Arabic culture as you develop knowledge of the Arabic language, regions, the people that surround it and it's connection to Islam.


Learn to analyze folktales, legends, jokes, personal experience narratives, proverbs, superstitions, festivals and celebrations, yard art, dance, and costume.

Latin - Minor

Gain proficiency in classical Latin grammar and syntax alongside courses on Roman culture and history.

Latin Teaching - Classics Minor

Learn to teach Latin with a focus on the best and latest pedagogy. This minor, offered by the Department of History, goes well with a History Teaching major as well as many other degrees across the university.

Native American Studies – Minor

Builds competency for students seeking cross-cultural experience in careers involving social justice, environmental policy, traditional knowledge, and cultural preservation among contemporary Native American communities.