Ancient Languages and Cultures

Graduate Program


The ancient languages and cultures graduate program is closely affiliated with the history department graduate program. The program was developed to assist graduate students seeking a richer education of pre-modern civilizations in order to gain necessary competencies to work with texts and documents in doctorate programs and professional settings. Students will spend time studying ancient languages, historical methods and their application to modern civilization.

Real World Application

The ALC program is designed to give graduate students the time to round out their education and improve their academic and professional skills. The education received during their time in this program will enable graduates to work in a number of fields, including academic programs, museums, historical societies, or libraries and databases.

Program Highlights

Ludi Romani

This program-wide activity brings together undergrads, graduate students and alumni to connect the USU classics community across generations, paving the way for professional and social networking. Roleplay as Roman senators, gods, generals, and nobles in ...

Program Advisor

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