Transforming Communities Institute


We respond to community-identified needs across Utah. Drawing on strengths and assets, we collaborate and engage with residents and leaders to transform communities through research, professional education and training, advocacy, and action to build strong, resilient, and inclusive communities.


All Utahns will live in thriving, vibrant communities.


  • We listen: to all community voices.
  • We learn: with and from community members.
  • We educate: future social work professionals, community leaders, and members.
  • We engage: with diverse community partners.
  • We value: diverse perspectives, experiences, and contributions.
  • We mobilize: individuals, groups, and agencies.
  • We collaborate: intentionally and effectively to improve key community outcomes.
  • We work: the process from initial assessment to final outcomes.

Priority Areas

Community decision-makers, elected officials, and community-based agencies in 8 Utah communities were surveyed regarding their perceptions about urgent social needs in their communities. More than 200 stakeholders participated -- results helped TCI identify key priority areas that support community well-being, especially for marginalized groups.

  • Housing & Homelessness
  • Substance Use Prevention, Treatment, & Recovery
  • Mental & Physical Healthcare Access
  • Family & Partner Relationships
  • Community Vitality
  • Sexual Health and Education
  • LGBTQ+ Issues
  • Racism




Professional Development and Training
We provide a variety of professional and community training opportunities to support those working in and with their communities.


Consulting and Other Services
Would you like assistance with program development, implementation and evaluation, grant writing, problem solving, or other community based needs? Learn more about our consultation services.


Community Building
We hope to build community through policy analysis and advocacy; engaging community residents and leaders; and supporting community programs.