Transforming Communities Institute


We bring Utahns together to build knowledge and create solutions for social issues that matter to their communities.


All Utahns will live in thriving and inclusive communities.


  • We listen to all community voices
  • We learn with and from community members.
  • We collaborate intentionally and effectively to improve key community outcomes.
  • We educate community professionals, leaders, and members.
  • We engage with diverse community partners.
  • We value diverse perspectives, experiences, and contributions
  • We mobilize individuals, groups, and agencies.
  • We work the process from initial assessment to final outcomes.

Priority Areas

TCI’s work prioritizes the social issues that Utah communities care about. For more
information about our current projects and partners, click here

Our Approach

TCI’s approach centers on the Framework for Collaborative Community Action on Health suggests five core components to addressing and creating meaningful change with communities on issues they prioritize. TCI is willing to enter the framework at any stage to work with communities and key players.

the TCI framework for collaboration steps