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Social Work Undergraduates Receive Award at USU Student Research Symposium

Heather Hopkins, Claire Wever, & Alyssa Cronin
(From left to right) Heather Hopkins, Claire Wever, & Alyssa Cronin

Social Work undergraduate students Claire Wever, Alyssa Cronin, and Heather Hopkins won best undergraduate poster presentation in the Social Sciences and Education category at the USU Student Research Symposium this week. There were 109 submissions in all of the 5 categories. As part of the department’s TCI work and under mentorship from Dr. Jayme Walters and Dr. Jess Lucero, this presentation is based on the community-based research project designed and carried out with undergraduate juniors in the Fall about examining landlord attitudes and knowledge about homelessness in the Bear River Region. From the data collected, students are designing community interventions this semester to increase knowledge and awareness of landlords, as they are a critical component of addressing housing issues.

Here's what those involved had to say about the project: 

“We are thrilled for these young people who did a wonderful job representing our class,” –– Jayme Walters, Assistant Professor of Social Work

"The collaborative effort of many passionate minds and excellent leadership guidance is what led to the outcome you see.  Amazing things can happen when large groups of people work together. It would be great if this experience is one that could be used to inspire projects for others."–– Alyssa Cronin

"Presenting research was a completely new experience for me. I wasn't sure what to expect or even how it would turn out--but it ended up being a very enjoyable experience that taught me a lot. I'm grateful for Claire and Alyssa who worked together with me on it, for the rest of our class that helped conduct the research, and for Jess Lucero and Jayme Walters who mentored and helped along the way!" –– Heather Hopkins

"Being able to present our research at the SRS was a wonderful experience. It was great to hear feedback from the evaluators regarding the applicability of our project and I look forward to seeing how this project impacts the community in regard to landlord engagement in the future!" –– Claire Wever


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