April 18, 2019

Office of Research Announces First Peak Summer Research Fellows

The Office of Research at Utah State University announces the first cohort of the Peak Summer Research Fellows, a pilot program launched through the generous support of Terry and David Peak. The first class of Peak Fellows includes: Kaitlyn Crouch, Rachel Funk, Taya Godfrey, Justyn Hardy, Rachel Hyman, Jack Kiefer (Anthropology), Stephanie Pointer, Raelynn Randall (Anthropology), Llewynn Roberts (Sociology), Madison Taylor and Andrew Walters. 

Endowed by David and Terry Peak, the Peak Summer Research Fellowship funds a select cohort of highly engaged undergraduate students in the Peaks’ colleges (the College of Science and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences) through a summer research experience. These fellows will spend ten weeks actively engaging in research with faculty mentors, have access to special trainings and workshops, and will come out of this fellowship poised to succeed in their educational and career goals.

The cohort for the Caine Summer Arts Fellows was also announced. A parallel program for arts research inspired by the Peaks' vision and initiated by the department heads within the Caine College of the Arts, the inaugural cohort will comprise: Stirling Brenna, Olivia Brock, Tessa Buck, Marissa Devey, Jake Hogan and Abbigayle Welch. 

The Peak and Caine Summer Fellows will serve as the nucleus for a range of summer cohort-building activities for student researchers as well as working on their own research projects. Says Associate Vice President for Research and professor of Art History Alexa Sand, who leads USU’s undergraduate research programs, "at latest count, I'm estimating about 300 undergraduates on campus or in the field over the summer doing research supported by colleges, departments, faculty-led grands and a range of other sources." 

"The Office of Research is thrilled to see these cohorts join the long legacy of outstanding undergraduate research conducted here at Utah State University," Sand said. "In 2020, our tenure as the second-oldest undergraduate research program in the United States will reach its 45th year. I anticipate continued growth in this program as it's a legacy we will continue to support and maintain. We celebrate those who stand with us in supporting the undergraduate research at this institution, including, and especially, the Peaks. We hope that these pilot programs will stimulate donor interest in supporting individual student summer research in the years to come." 



Athena Dupont, Graduate and Undergraduate Research Program Coordinator, Office of Research

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Athena Dupont, Graduate and Undergraduate Research Program Coordinator, Office of Research

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