Brian Droubay

Social Work

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Brian Droubay

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Office Location: Brigham City Regional Campus
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Brian Droubay is an assistant professor of social work. Prior to joining USU, he worked as faculty at the University of Mississippi from 2019-21. He completed his graduate studies in social work at the University of Utah.  

Broadly, Dr. Droubay’s research centers on the intersection of human sexuality, religion and values, moral emotions, and clinical social work. He is interested in how cultural values and environmental context shape perceptions about personal sexual behaviors—particularly behaviors that individuals find distressing—and how these issues manifest themselves in clinical practice. Current topics of focus include problematic pornography use in religious communities and how the World Health Organization’s new compulsive sexual behavior disorder diagnosis might impact sexual minority populations.  
While Dr. Droubay has taught various courses across the social work curriculum, his primary teaching interests include practice courses, DSM/psychopathology, research methods, and forensic social work. Outside of academia, Dr. Droubay has practiced psychotherapy for several years, in settings ranging from penal institutions to employee assistance programs to private practice.