The Foyer Podcast

Conversations about mormon history and culture

Many of the most important conversations in a Latter-day Saint ward happen not in the chapel or a classroom but in the meetinghouse foyer. In each episode of “The Foyer,” one or more distinguished guests will join Dr. Patrick Mason for a thoughtful but informal conversation about Mormon history and culture. Episodes will be video cast live with audience Q&A. These sessions are also available via spotify following the event.

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Latter-day Saints and Politics

American society is deeply divided. Our political culture is as fractured and dysfunctional as at any time since the Civil War. Latter-day Saints have not been immune to this polarization.

Seeing the World Anew through Memoir

There are some books you read that change the way you see the world. That was my experience reading the amazing recent memoirs by these two scholars and authors, who happen to be uncle and niece.