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The political science department helps connect students to internships in federal and state legislatures, regulatory agencies, lobbying firms, think tanks, corporations and internal organizations. The award-winning political science faculty are dedicated to helping students gain professional experience so they can leave equipped to participate responsibly in their future careers.


Students of the Year 2023!

Congrats to Ella Devey, Lauren Cunningham, and Evan Noble for being selected as Students of the Year!

Ella Devey POLS Student of the Year   Evan Noble INTS Student of the Year   Lauren Cunningham LCS Student of the Year  

Political Science Tracks

International Studies - Major, Minor

Expand your perspective and gain knowledge relating to complex global issues. Study language, address problems relating to security, ethnic conflict and human rights, and practice interdisciplinary skills.

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Get Involved

Study political science, engage in activism, participate in debate and interact with like-minded students.

College Democrats

As a branch of the College Democrats of America, this organization works to engage students in local, state and national issues and elections through student volunteer work.

Pi Sigma Alpha

Join the only national honors society in the United States dedicated to students of political science.

Pre-Law Study Group

Prepare for a career in law or continued education in law school by attending conferences, lectures, panels and LSAT study sessions.

Study Abroad

Expose yourself to other cultures, learn new languages and enrich your college experience through international travel and study.

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