USUSA International Studies

The International Studies Club was created to create a sense of community among students interested in all things international, and to provide an opportunity for students to discuss, analyze, and learn more about foreign affairs. The ISC aims to be a place where students can come to share their knowledge and gain a better understanding of global affairs.


President: Sabrina Allen

Faculty Advisor

Colin Flint

Colin Flint

Distinguished Professor

Phone: 435-797-5962
Office Location: MAIN 320B

Club Activities

Guest Speakers

Speakers hosted by the club are invited to come and speak about their unique experience dealing with international affairs. This year, we have special Guest Speaker Sanjai Kumar, who will speak about his experiences working for US embassies around the globe.

Debate Nights


Yes, there will be debates. Yes, there will be pizza. Faculty Debate Night pits professor against professor on a wide variety of topics, and Election Night Debates bring the polls to campus.

Global Focus Hour

Pins on a map

The club hosts regular discussion groups to debate, discuss and learn about foreign affairs, as well as classes and assignments.