Model UN

USU's Model United Nations is an educational simulation that encourages extensive research into international relations, the inner workings of the United Nations as well as specific countries' backgrounds. Teams roleplay as members of the United Nations, negotiating positions on various international problems, researching and writing papers that deal with international relations, and learning more about US foreign policy. 

Club Contact


Alexander Hardy

Faculty Advisor

Anna Pechenkina

Anna Pechenkina

Assistant Professor

Phone: 435-797-7318
Office Location: MAIN 328D

Club Activities

Collegiate Conference

Person giving a presentationMembers of Model UN have the chance to travel to off-campus collegiate conferences to present their position papers, negotiate, and debate against other collegiate teams.

Skills and Perspective

Writing on paperParticipating in this program allows students to develop many important skills such as research, public speaking, negotiation, critical thinking and writing while helping them gain international mindsets.

High School ConferenceHigh school auditorium

Each year, USU's Model UN program hosts an on-campus high school conference. Members help to organize and staff the event, providing valuable leadership and volunteer experience.