Aggies Geopolitical Observatory

Aggies Geopolitical Observatory, or Aggies GO!, is a project dedicated to helping people make sense of global politics. The observatory is staffed by writers who have taken the POLS 2400 Introduction to Geopolitics course and each week, the observatory posts articles related to trending global topics and provides readers with tools in order to obtain new ways of thinking about global events.

 Club Contact

For contact information, articles, and more, visit the Aggies GO webpage.


Current Event Analysis

People studying data

The articles posted demonstrate how USU/CHaSS students have gained knowledge of current events as well as writing and analytical skills applicable for many forms of employment.

Global Definitions

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The site contains many different tools to help readers make sense of potentially overwhelming global situations, including definitions and explanations of important terms relating to geopolitics.

Weekly Updates

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With analysis posted on a regular basis, readers can learn to view situations from different perspectives as global situations develop.