By Utah State University | May 1, 2020

USU Sociology's Dr. Mehmet Soyer named Undergraduate Mentor of the Year

Mehmet Soyer

Dr. Mehmet Soyer has been named Utah State's Undergraduate Mentor of the Year

Dr. Mehmet Soyer is a temporary assistant professor in Sociology at the Utah State University. He received his M.A. in sociology in 2010 at University of North Texas. Dr. Soyer completed his doctorate in sociology from the Texas Woman's University in 2015.

His dissertation title is “Putting the Town on the Map: Power Struggle Over Fracking in the City of Denton.” His research mainly examines the link between public perceptions and the impacts of energy development through collective behavior, activism, and the use of new media and mass media. He has current projects on the following topics: (1) public opinion on the impacts of hydraulic fracturing on fertility; (2) community responses to impacts of hydraulic fracturing on a Native American reservation; (3) public support for hydraulic fracturing; (4) women activists in geographies affected by hydraulic fracturing. Along with these main research interest, he is also interested in racial inequality in everyday life and the representation of race in new media and mass media. He has authored a book titled “Founding Father of Sociology: Ibn-i Khaldun” and solo authored and co-authored articles in peer-reviewed journals. He enjoys cooking, hiking, traveling.


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