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Sociology is the study of the human individual and human groups. It offers a broad foundation for understanding human behavior and encourages the development of critical thinking. Sociologists often collect survey information and perform research for lawmakers, administrators, and educators, to provide advice on drug treatment programs, demographics, zoning changes, and aid to the poor.

Both undergraduates and graduate students have the opportunity to work with internationally prominent teachers and researchers. Our programs are carefully designed to provide extensive opportunities for students to engage in hands-on learning experiences both in classroom settings and through participation on faculty members' research projects.

Sociology helps us to appreciate the perspectives of others, nurturing empathy and a sense of social responsibility.



Sociology - Major, Minor
Gain a broad foundation for understanding human behavior and encourages the development of critical thinking. Learn to analyze, research, and articulate critical information.

Sociology Teaching - Minor
USU Students have the opportunity to receive a teaching certificate and teaching minor in Sociology.


Doctorate of Sociology
The Ph.D. of Sociology is available to students who have already completed a master's degree in sociology or a related field.


Sociology (MS)
The Master of Science in Sociology is focused on foundation courses in sociological theory, research methods and statistics, and a set of electives consistent with a student's career goals.



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The Sociology program at USU offers multiple ways students can enhance their educational experience.


Faculty affiliated with CANRI focus much of their work on resource management challenges in the Intermountain West.

Climate Adaption Science

The Climate Adaptation Science (CAS) Program provides students with direct experience in actionable science through internships and research.

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