By Utah State University | November 8, 2018

Faculty Present at Inclusive Excellence Symposium

Sociology and Anthropology faculty present at the second annual Inclusive Excellence Symposium to “empower USU students, faculty, and staff to advance equity and inclusion through education, collaboration, and research.”

Marisela Martinez-Cola

Marisela Martinez-Cola presenting on Malcolm X

Marisala Martinez-Cola doing a presentation.

Dr. Marisela Martinez-Cola
, Assistant Professor of Sociology, gave a presentation called "Connecting Communities of Color: A Historical Exploration of Art, Activism, Law and Popular Culture,” which revealed the numerous ways communities of color have been connected throughout history. She introduced the audience to the oft-unknown connections and similarities in the areas of activism, law, the arts, and popular culture.

Mehmet Soyer

Mehmet Soyer on a student panel

Mehmet Soyer presenting in a panel

Dr. Mehmet Soyer,
 Temporary Assistant Professor of Sociology, organized two panels, both focusing on identifying and addressing sexism, racism, homophobia, xenophobia against Muslim Women, as well as other forms of oppression in everyday interactions. The first panel, “Transformation of (Mis)Perception,” included students and USU community members Simone Regan, Kylen Kaminski, Gonca F. Soyer, and Tasha Bauck. In the second panel, “Strategies for Speaking out against Everyday Prejudice,” Dr. Soyer presented with Dr. Mollie Murphy, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies.

Participants in both workshops learned how to consider context--relationship, setting, and external factors such as stress--in order to challenge offensive comments with greater confidence and efficacy.

Bonnie Glass-Coffin

Bonnie Glass-Coffin

Dr. Bonnie Glass-Coffin, Professor of Anthropology and Director of the Interfaith Leadership Certificate Program, conducted an Interfaith Ally Training. This stand-alone program was developed and has been used to build capacity for appreciating and engaging with religious difference on campus since 2015. After hearing a brief overview, audience members participated in a "speed-faithing" activity, a key part of the training program.


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