November 22, 2021

Dr. William Francis Stinner (1938 - 2021)

Dr. William Skinner
Dr. William Skinner
Dr. William Francis Stinner, 82, passed away on September 20, 2021 while residing in Southern California. He was a very intelligent, kind and thoughtful man, born in Allentown, PA to German immigrants. He had an older brother, Bob Sinner.
After his initial college, he married Carol McKewen in 1961 and they shared their life together for 56 years until her passing in 2017. He graduated from Columbia University and after serving in the United States Navy during the Korean War he went on to a career in academia.
He attained an MA and PhD at Pennsylvania State University. He later taught at Pennsylvania State University and also at the University of Chicago's Population Institute at the University of the Philippines for a few years. He then moved to Logan, Utah and was a Professor at Utah State University for 25 years heading the Sociology Department.
His career included demographics research where he was named the 1979 Researcher of the Year. He was involved in grant proposals and provided support to many students throughout the years. He published numerous articles as well as books that were considered ground breaking in his field. A sought-after speaker, Dr. Stinner was often asked to give talks about his research and books. These books are still highly regarded today as a standard in the field of study.
In all respects, Dr. William Stinner was an outstanding scholar, widely read research author and esteemed colleague. He was a highly praised and respected man whose contributions in the areas of teaching, research and service left a lasting impact in his field and among his acquaintances. Dr. Stinner will be greatly missed.