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Sadie Braddock

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Sadie Braddock is a master’s student in Sociology at Utah State University, specializing in environment and community. She graduated from Weber State University (WSU) in 2020, Summa Cum Laude, with a Bachelor of Science in Geography and double minor in Environmental Studies and Sociology. During her time at WSU, Sadie assisted with undergraduate research on a community-based study exploring sociological attitudes towards water conservation for Dr. Carla Trentelman, and served as the Student Sustainability Coordinator in the Energy & Sustainability Office (ESO) where she managed and led the Environmental Ambassadors Program to coordinate sustainability-related events and promote sustainability awareness through educational outreach. She is now working on sociological research of the Great Salt Lake (GSL) with Dr. Jennifer Givens which includes data on perceptions of causes, impacts, and solutions for the GSL in the Utah People and Environmental Poll (UPEP) survey. Her focus for her master’s thesis involves learning how a Rights of Nature approach, a Multispecies Justice approach, and understanding Utahn’s worldviews and values in relation to the environment might benefit the GSL. In her free time, she enjoys making nature-inspired art (moss wall art, tree of life wire pendants, macrame, embroidery, photography, videography), playing piano, hiking and visiting thrift shops.