Edem Avemegah

Graduate Student | Environment and Community

Edem Avemegah

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Email: edem.avemegah@usu.edu
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Edem Avemegah is a Ph.D. student and graduate research assistant in the sociology department at Utah State University. He is originally from Ghana, West Africa. His research focuses on understanding farmers' behavior and attitude relating to the adoption of conservation practices, best practices in conducting survey research with agriculture producers, and issues affecting the development of smallholder farmers in Africa. He has a bachelor's degree in social work with information studies from the University of Ghana and a master’s degree in applied sociology from South Dakota State University. He is currently researching agriculture in an urbanized landscape and challenges associated with agriculture near urban areas in the Chesapeake Bay region. Edem is working with Dr. Jessica Ulrich-Schad as an external evaluator of a multidisciplinary research team conducting a formative and summative assessment of the research team's organizational efficacy, interdisciplinary team collaboration, and the projects’ impact on stakeholders. Edem enjoys cooking, traveling, and visiting the gym during his leisure time