Gabriele Ciciurkaite


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Gabriele Ciciurkaite

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Office Location: Old Main 224E
Phone: 435-797-6367
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Gabriele Ciciurkaite joined the department in 2016 after completing her PhD in Sociology at the University of Kentucky. Gabriele is a medical sociologist, and her current research covers two broad topics: (1) the role of social context, particularly at the intersection of gender, race/ethnicity and class, in creating and sustaining inequalities in health; and (2) chronic illness prevention and management among vulnerable populations. She is particularly interested in unique and interactive effects of adversities associated with one’s social location and identity, and the ways they “get under the skin” to influence physical and mental health.  Her work has been published in interdisciplinary and applied academic journals, including Social Science and Medicine, Public Health Reports, Sociology of Health and Illness, and the Journal of Rural Health.