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My educational interests have always fallen within Social Science disciplines. As an undergraduate, I double majored in Political Science and journalism (BS, Utah State University). When I returned to school I obtained a masters degree in Social Science, which included course work in interdisciplinary fields such as Sociology and Psychology (MA, Regis University). At that time I also earned a Certificate of Learning, Training and Development, in order to prepare me for a career in teaching at the college level. My doctoral program was Sociology with an emphasis in Demography and Health (PhD, Utah State University).  

I have taught Sociology courses online and in the classroom for more than a decade. My campus experience has included positions at Western Carolina University, Metropolitan State University of Denver and Utah State University. The years of education in varying areas of the Social Sciences have provided me with tools to better understand the world around me. Although I admittedly spend time thinking about my own individual existence, I am most interested in the bigger picture, the social world, in which we all play a part.  

My research portfolio has spanned many subject areas including work on Educational Technology and Applications for Mobile Devices. My past research has focused on migration in the United States; examining the differences in onward and return migration patterns of black, Hispanic, and white Americans. Previously I have also concentrated on issues of aging, health, and education. I hope to continue researching demographic trends associated with migration, aging and health–as well as issues related to inequality in the United States.  

I currently live in Colorado, and I was born and raised in Logan, Utah. I have also lived in Sylva, North Carolina; Seattle, Washington; Haines, Alaska; and for short durations: Salt Lake City, Utah; Spokane, Washington; San Francisco, California; Alexandria, Virginia, and Orem, Utah. My interests include skiing, hiking, camping, golfing, playing tennis, and spending time with my family.