Political Communication


Journalism student Hailey Brown stands with politician


The Political Communication Certificate of Proficiency equips students for careers in numerous fields related to political science, journalism, public relations, and communications by providing a well-rounded skill set from multiple departments. Students will gain knowledge in politics and public policy while learning how to communicate those ideas effectively and disseminate information through a variety of media. 

This certificate integrates learning across three key areas:

  • Political Science, which provides a foundation for understanding of the fundamentals of political systems in the United States and abroad, along with the principles for formulating political strategies and policies. 
  • Journalism and Communication, which teaches mass communication theories and how to develop stories and convey complex information in accessible ways, with an emphasis on both new and traditional media forms.
  • Communication Studies, which helps students develop interpersonal skills and methods of persuasion while exploring approaches to argument formation and tactics for persuasion across diverse cultures and contexts. 

Career Application

Students will be prepared for roles in government affairs, public relations, journalism, and advocacy. Whether working for major corporations, non-profits, media outlets, or political campaigns, the skills gained through this program enhance students' marketability and effectiveness. By understanding political systems, mastering multimedia communication, and excelling in interpersonal relations, students will be equiped to influence public opinion and shape policy in meaningful ways.

Learning Objectives and Skills

  • Increase understanding of political systems in the United States and abroad
  • Comprehension of mass communication theories 
  • Cultivate both the theory and practice of interpersonal communication
  • Understanding of approaches to argument formation and tactics for persuasion
  • Demonstrate communication skills across diverse cultures and contexts
  • Increase awareness of theories and practice of public relations in a variety of business, governmental, annd nonprofit settings
  • Development of skills in speech preparation, audience adaptation, and delivery
  • Synthesize differences in political culture, institutions, and processes

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