February 17, 2023
White woman with brown curly hair smiling
Ashley Springer 

Public relations: a switch for Ashley Springer

Emily Bunch, writer


Despite having a relatively short career up to this point, Ashley Springer is rich with experience in the public relations field.

In her words, “I’ve been able to dip my toe in a bunch of things.” As the Utah State University assistant media relations coordinator for mens basketball, volleyball and softball, Springer is doing what she loves.

In 2014, the plan she had for her college education was much different. “I initially wanted to go into book publishing. I went into the JCOM field to kind of tack it on and fell in love with PR.”

So, what changed for Springer?

“Matthew LaPlante’s news writing class will always have a special place in my heart,” she says. “I had been a writer. I was an English major, but it’s a whole different style of writing. It taught me so much.”

When she began the class, LaPlante gave her women's sports as a beat. She covered the genre for several months before working in the USU Athletic Department as an intern.
Over the years, her time in the athletics field evolved into much more. “The longer you stay, the more opportunities you’re given.”

What’s the draw for Springer? “I love the people,” she says. “From the PR side of athletics, you’re driving the coaches and players, getting their stories out there. You’re there to make them look good. The relationships you get to build with not only them, but in the actual department are great. 

Springer has always loved writing. Public
relations is a unique opportunity to take that level of writing and utilize it in a different way.
“Every day is different,” she says. “Yes, you have somewhat of a routine, but there are so many different things involved and that makes everyday fun.”

The advice
Springer has for students preparing for a career in PR is pretty simple, don’t be the person to tell yourself "no,” she says. “Let someone else say it for you.” When it comes to seeking experience opportunities, she suggests
putting yourself out there and getting your foot in the door.

“Walk in somewhere if you know there’s a PR department and ask if there’s work you can do. Most people will say "yes," she said. “The actual in-person internship things you can learn are so vital. It’s huge.”