Medieval and Early Modern Studies


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The Medieval and Early Modern Studies Institutional Certificate of Proficiency allows students to build their knowledge of the history, art, literature, material cultures, religions, and philosophical traditions of the human societies that existed from the 500s CE to the 1800s CE. It emphasizes how the historical developments of medieval and early modern periods continue to influence our world today. It teaches students to recognize and critically engage with the ways that medieval and early modern histories, cultures, and symbols are alluded to, appropriated, and deployed in contemporary popular culture and political discourses.

Career Application

Graduates who earn this certificate will be able to speak and write knowledgably on topics relating to the global medieval and early modern past and on the usages of that past in present. They will acquire skills in foreign languages, research, critical reading, and argumentative writing that will be transferrable to a range of jobs in law, business, government, education, and public history. They will learn how to interpret complex bodies of specialized data and make their findings understandable to non-specialist audiences.

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