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While enrolled in the history graduate program at USU, students will be able to take advantage of quality teaching and research opportunities as they focus on the things that interest them most. Faculty members in the program have a variety of specialities and can help students study many time periods and geographic areas of history. The program provides several major focuses, including religious studies. All graduate students, no matter what degree they pursue within the graduate program, will learn to ask hard questions, engage in historical research to find answers, and communicate their questions clearly with an emphasis on developing open inquiry and debate skills.

Career Application

This program has an 80% placement rate for graduates. Many recent graduates have gone on to teach in elementary, middle, and secondary schools while others have gone on to continue their historical education in Ph.D. programs around the country. Others have entered the workforce in such places as the National Women's History Museum, the Historic Wendover Airfield, and the International Rescue Committee in Dallas.

Graduate Highlights

Colby Townsend

Colby Townsend, a graduate of our master’s program, won the Mormon History Association prize for best thesis this year, "Rewriting Eden with the Book of Mormon: Joseph Smith and the Reception of Genesis 1-6 in Early America".

Kelli Morrill

Kelli Morrill, received a $1,000 scholarship for her winning essay "Lights, Camera, and Whistling Solos: An LDS Roadshow."

Emily Crumpton

Emily Marie Crumpton graduated from USU in 2017 with an M.A. in History. Her primary research areas included media, gender, crime, and mortality in the United States during the Progressive Era.

Hayden & Allison Griggs

Haden and Alyson met in an undergraduate history class at Utah State University in 2015 and in addition to falling in love, saw the practicality of marrying a fellow major to save on textbook costs.

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Program Advisor

Christopher Conte

Christopher Conte

Professor, Director of Graduate Studies

(435) 797-1303
Old Main 323G

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