Master of Communication Studies

Graduate Program

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The graduate track of communication studies focuses students’ understanding of communication and its role in human interaction and relationships through seminars, research opportunities, and teaching. By deepening their understanding of communication in various contexts, students will be able to collaborate successfully in any of their professional or educational pursuits, whether entering the workforce or entering a Ph.D. program.

At USU, you and a small graduate student cohort will be instructed by renowed, award-winning teachers and researchers, paving the way for one-on-one mentorship and personal engagement with your professors throughout your time in the program.

Career Application

Communication skills are highly valued in professional contexts, and a master’s degree will enable students of this program to enter the workforce with the skills necessary to further their personal career objectives. Graduates will be prepared to enter Ph.D. programs or begin careers in non-profit work, customer education, research, and more.

Program Graduates


image of highlight com graduate Jaimee Smart
Jaime Smart

I am currently a Customer Trainer on the Customer Education team at a software company called Lucid. The program has helped me in my current role in too many ways to count. First, my experience teaching in the classroom provided me with a strong understanding of effective teaching. More importantly, I have leaned heavily on pedagogy theory and influenced the way my team looks at training because of it The program pushed me and helped me gain confidence in my voice and the value I have to offer to others, even, and especially, outside of the academy. I see the world differently, I notice things I didn't see before, and I question more frequently. 

Image of high lighted alumni Shelby Crow
Shelby Crow
Utah State University’s Communication Studies graduate program helped me in various ways. In particular, I appreciate the program's emphasis on creating both a positive and rigorous learning environment for graduate students. This was crucial for forming my academic identity and personal success in the program. After obtaining a M.S. degree in Communication Studies at Utah State University, I decided to pursue a Ph.D. in Communication Studies at Colorado State University. I currently teach two sections of Public Speaking, and I am a Graduate Research Assistant for Dr. Tom Dunn’s “Queer Memory Project of Northern Colorado.” 
Image of alum Sydney Pond
Sydney Pond

In my current position, I help prepare contract proposals to be sent to government entities (often NASA) and commercial customers.The program at Utah State taught me how to ask the right questions, which is hugely important when preparing a proposal. Devoting two years to studying communication theories and how they are developed positively shaped how I see the world, how I approach problems, and how I interact with others. Thanks to the program I am more confident voicing my ideas!
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CHaSS Alumni Advice

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Program Advisor

Mollie Murphy

Mollie Murphy

Assistant Professor

LUND 203

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