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Bridging conflict through conversation

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Grappling with a big decision? Working through conflict in your life? Looking to talk with someone who won’t pass judgement on your situation or try to fix you?

USU’s Space Making Program is for USU students to talk through life’s challenges in a confidential setting. Space-makers are USU students who are passionate about helping others. They are formally trained in conflict management and facilitation through courses, hours of observation, ongoing training, and practice in holding safe, exploratory conversations with others.

You don’t need a huge problem to justify talking with a space-maker. Often, conflict can be solved by talking to a neutral listener. Space-makers are there to be just that: a listener. They are not there to judge, advise or solve. Instead, you’re the boss and you set the boundaries. You choose where the conversation goes.


At no cost to you, you can investigate patterns in your life, feel seen, gain knowledge, learn more about conflict management resources, explore solutions to tough decisions and more.

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