April 16, 2021

History Faculty Receive CHASS Giraffe Awards

USU Historians Chris Babits and Patrick Mason received the CHASS Giraffe Award: "an award recognizing faculty or staff who have tried something risky to better teaching, to further research, or to improve College organization or programs. While most awards judge what is successful, this one is designed to recognize innovation whether it is successful or not. The Giraffe Award recognizes those who stick their necks out to help create new teaching methods; originate unusual research strategies or methods; or help to make CHaSS better by trying something really different.for creatively organizing HIST 1700 as a “choose your own adventure course".- USU College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Patrick Mason received the Giraffe Award for strengthening the Religious Studies program with his podcast "This is Her Place". Chris Babits received it for his creatively organizing HIST 1700 as a “choose your own adventure course. Learn more by watching these video highlights. 


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