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*Note: The Museum of Anthropology is currently under renovations. The listed information below are examples of previous exhibits that may or may not return when the museum reopens. Please check back for current available exhibits.

We engage our museum visitors by refreshing our exhibits frequently and creating new exhibits once or twice a year. Our exhibition conceptually links themes from anthropology through material culture. We emphasize continuity between exhibits and promote appreciation of cultures and a deeper understanding of cultural processes.

Current Exhibits

  • Anthropology: What's It To You?
  • Artistic Expressions in Ancient Peruvian Cultures
  • Batik: Textiles of Java
  • Chinese Railroad Camps
  • Death on the Nile: The Afterlife in Egypt's New Kingdom
  • Forensic Anthropology
  • Human Origins: The Hominid Family Tree
  • Maria Martinez: The Shaping of a Legacy
  • Threads of Life: Textiles of Indonesia
  • Message on a Body: Body Modification Through Time & Across the Globe
  • Ötzi: The Ice Man
  • "Smemories:" Scent and Memory
  • This Old House: Caves, Wikiups & Pit houses of the Fremont
  • Resting on Opposite Edges of the World: My Antonia
  • Rotating Exhibit: Visit to Find Out!

Exhibit celebrating the life of Maria Martinez
Exhibit celebrating the life of Maria Martinez



Message on a body exhibit
Message on a Body Exhibit