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'From little things big things grow'

When a higher dollar amount can be cumbersome, please consider a monthly donation. With Subscirbe to Education, we will automatically receive your gift each month. Continuous small donations make a huge difference!

100% of all donations benefit to students.All donations are tax-deductible.

How it works

Subscribers of $5 a month or more will receive special benefits, which are listed below. It adds up: A $10/month subscription comes to $120 over a year, for instance, but is less than 35 cents a day. That's a deal when it comes to supporting students who, in not too many years, will be our physicians, teachers and world problem solvers.

Your rewards for Subscribing to Education

Helping education comes with a few perks. By subscribing you will:

  • Receive a thank-you letter from a student who benefited from your funds
  • Collect college and department SWAG
  • Get the exclusive Subscribe to Education Newsletter
  • Have early access to recorded lectures
  • Be invited to upcoming lectures and events

For any questions (e.g. using a USU payroll deduction for USU employees, or increasing your monthly pledge), email Emily Heaton.

If you would like to give a one-time donation please use our giving page.

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