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Undergraduate Research

Utah State University is one of the premier undergraduate research institutions in the nation. Since 1975 the USU Undergraduate Research Program has enabled students to partner with faculty on path-breaking investigations. However, research is not just performed in the natural sciences.

Professors and students in the humanities and social sciences conduct research that advances their field and address real-world problems. However, engaging in research is not simply the pursuit of new knowledge—it provides students the opportunity to connect one-on-one with faculty members and develop intellectual independence early on in their academic careers. Performing undergraduate research also helps students build a strong resume and marketable skillset for their professional careers.

The university’s undergraduate research program is the second oldest program in the country, following only behind MIT. The program supports students involved with lab work, field study, archival investigation, and creative production. Many students hold research positions and often receive travel stipends to present their findings at professional conferences.

Learn more about undergraduate research by visiting the university's research page or by contacting faculty members you would like to work with directly.