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CHaSS scholarships 

The cost of higher education can be a financial burden for many students and their families. Scholarships help students earn their degrees and allow them to focus on their academics rather than their finances. They also recognize undergraduate and graduate students of the highest caliber. Each year, the Dean's Office and the college's departments award scholarships and fellowships to eligible students.

How to apply

Students may apply for scholarships offered through the CHaSS Dean's Office by going to Utah State University's Scholarship Online Application site:

If you have questions or difficulties with the site, contact the CHaSS Dean's Office at 435-797-1195.

College of Humanities and Social Sciences Scholarships by Department

Scholarships are also offered by CHaSS departments: Aerospace Studies (ROTC), English, History, Intensive English Language Institute, Journalism and Communications, Languages, Philosophy and Communication Studies, Military Science (ROTC), Mountain West Center for Regional Studies, Political Science, and Sociology, Social Work and Anthropology.

Updated: The Make-It-Or-Break-It Fund for CHaSS students unable to complete their education due to dire financial circumstances.

Follow the link to a list of scholarships offered by each department.