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The College of Humanities and Social Sciences houses five scholarly journals that attract scholars from around the world and top graduate students in their fields to USU. These journals explore studies of religion, history, literature and culture. They foster the publication of student research and help keep USU faculty members at the forefront of their disciplines.


Co-founded by USU Spanish professor J.P. Spicer-Escalante, Decimononica is an online, refereed, international journal, which highlights the cultural production of the 19thcentury Hispanic World, and publishes two editions per year. The journal received start-up funding from the college and its Department of Languages, Philosophy and Speech Communication. Scholarly submissions from a literary or cultural studies perspective with a focus on Latin America or Spain are invited for consideration.   

Intermountain West Journal of Religious Studies

The Intermountain West Journal of Religious Studies is a student-run publication with an academic review board consisting exclusively of scholars in the field. Its purpose is to promote the study of religion through the publication of graduate and undergraduate research. The journal is affiliated with the college’s Religious Studies Program; however, submissions are sought from students around the world.  

Mediterranean Studies

Mediterranean Studies, published biannually, is the official journal of the Mediterranean Studies Association, an interdisciplinary organization that promotes the scholarly study of the Mediterranean region in all aspects and disciplines. An international, peer-reviewed journal, Mediterranean Studies is particularly concerned with the ideas and ideals of Mediterranean cultures from antiquity to the present and the influence of these ideas beyond the region's geographical boundaries. Contributors come from a wide range of backgrounds, including archeology, English, Jewish studies, history, comparative literature, medieval studies, religion, and art history.


Ploutarchos is the official publication of the International Plutarch Society, which exists to further the study of Plutarch and his various writings, and to encourage scholarly communication between those working on Plutarchan studies. Frances B. Titchener, professor of history and classics at USU, has served as editor since 1987.  

Western American Literature

Jointly published by the Western Literature Association and USU, Western American Literature is the leading journal in western American literary studies. Over the years it has published some of the first essays of celebrated writers such as D’Arcy McNickle, Wallace Stegner, and Terry Tempest Williams and influential early essays on ecocriticism. The journal focuses broadly on western culture from theoretical pieces based on cultural geography, and environmental writing, to new western figures, American Indian writers, and African American writers and filmmakers. The journal features articles, reviews, and annual roundups of recent scholarship as well as special issues devoted to issues central to the field.  

Western Historical Quarterly

Established in 1969 through a partnership between USU and the Western History Association, the Western Historical Quarterly publishes original scholarly research concerning the history of the North American West. It serves as the official journal of the Western History Association and is headquartered in the USU history department. The journal has a track record of publishing cutting-edge and national prize-winning essays, and for producing the next generation of western historians. Each year, the journal’s editors and staff train graduate students in historical editing and publishing, coaching them through the department's rigorous Master’s degree program.