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Creating Opportunity

Scholarships help students become something more than they thought they could ever be, and explore options they never thought they would have. The CHaSS Student Opportunity Fund supports scholarships and internships for students in the college, enabling them to take advantage of everything an education here has to offer.

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Educating Tomorrow’s Leaders

A liberal arts education helps students develop the critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills needed to tackle the world’s most pressing challenges. Issues like disease, poverty, and terrorism do not respect borders or state lines and will not be solved by one discipline alone.

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences prepares students to address the complex problems that lie ahead by thinking critically, thinking creatively, and thinking big. But many students pursuing degrees couldn’t be here without the financial support of scholarships, fellowships, government grants, and private loans. Without the generosity of others, they would not be where they are today. And neither would we.

The college established the CHaSS Student Opportunity Fund in summer 2012  to encourage alumni and friends to ensure that higher education continues to be a dream within reach of students from all walks of life. Utah State University was founded on this premise. And now more than ever we need to make sure this remains possible. The CHaSS Student Opportunity Fund will help us to raise 100 new scholarships and fellowships for students in the college and keep higher education a dream within reach.