Education in Community and Organizational Practice

Strategy 2


The goal of strategy 2 is to train students from a variety of disciplines to practice competently in communities and organizations. This is achieved through 3 activities:
   -Activity 1: In the discipline of Social Work, strengthen the commitment to an advanced generalist program by bridging micro practice by offering guidance and tools for teaching.
   -Activity 2: Offer a community practice certificate for current students anf alumni.
   -Activity 3: Promote existing certificates at the university level that will complement community and organizational practice. 

A major piece to making this strategy possible is the focus on the use of the Quadrant Model, which is outlined below. 

Strategy Leaders


Jefferson "J.C." Sheen

Assistant Professor, MSW Program Coordinator for Logan Campus

Mr. JC Sheen's faculty photo



Jen Evers

Clinical Associate Professor, BSW Program Coordinator for Statewide Campuses

Ms. Jen Ever's Faculty photo


the TCI quadrant model which discusses ideas such as categories of persons at risk, individuals, at a micro / macro / and mezzo levels