Part of the Department of Communication Studies & Philosophy

Personal Instruction with a Close Community

Due to its small size and intimate setting, the philosophy program fosters an environment of community learning and research. The program is desgined to facilitate many student interests, allowing students to pursue personal interests while gaining foundational knowledge. Students can expect to take full advantage of individual faculty mentoring while taking part in undergraduate research projects that are most interesting to them.

Philosophy Degrees

Ethics - Major

Focus on the nature of ethics in a variety of settings such as the medical field, business, politics, and environmental policies. Learn to reason and write with clarity and precision.

Philosophy - Major, Minor

Master skills of critical thinks and clear writing while learning how to understand varied perspectives. Develop effective communication skills, solve problems, and dive into the human condition.

Program Highlights


Get Involved

Socialize with others interested in philosophy, ask hard questions and gain important perspectives in these extra-curricular activities. 

Ethics Bowl

Practice effective communication, socialize with like-minded students and debate ethical dilemmas in competitions.

Ethics Slam

An open-mic discussion series about ethical dilemmas, from robotics to shaming to free speech and the internet.

Philosophy Club

In the spirit of Plato's Academy, participate in a forum for the discussion of all issues in the domain of philosophy.

Scholarships & Financial Aid

  • Utah State University offers many options for financial aid, including university level scholarships and aid available to specific colleges and majors.