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Norm Jones throughout the years

Dr. Norman Jones Benefice reflects a career of scholarship and service


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A Legacy of Mentorship

How many USU students — undergraduate and graduate — graduated from USU with a lasting memory of professor and mentor Dr. Norm Jones?

After four decades of Dr. Jones' nurturing and inspiring teaching, it's probably too late to start counting! However, we have scheduled two receptions celebrating Dr. Jones' career just in case. All students (former or current), colleagues and friends are invited to reminisce with and show their appreciation for Dr. Jones.

The Norm Jones Benefice

Norm Jones has lived his conviction that teaching, research and service are all part of university citizenship. To recognize and reward those who are effective teacher-scholar-mentors, Dr. Jones and his wife, Cecile Gilmer, have created the Norm Jones Benefice to recognize faculty and students who perform their roles in exemplary ways.

The Norm Jones Faculty fellowship is open to all tenured faculty in History, Classics and Religious Studies who teach well, research actively, and serve effectively. The Norm Jones Student Fellowships will recognize undergraduate and graduate students who demonstrate a deep commitment to scholarship and service to the department and the community.

Please consider honoring Dr. Jones by making a gift to the Norm Jones Benefice.

A long and purposeful career

An internationally distinguished historian, Dr. Norm Jones began his journey in his home state of Idaho by earning a bachelor's degree from Idaho State University. He followed that with a master's at the University of Colorado Boulder and a Ph.D. in History at Cambridge University.

Dr. Jones joined USU's Department of History in 1978 and began teaching courses in Ancient Western Civilization, Medieval and Early Modern Europe and the History of Christianity. His dedication to teaching and mentoring were recognized when he was named CHaSS Teacher of the Year in 1982 and 2018, and he was chosen to give the “Last Lecture” in 1996. Author of 11 books and over 60 articles, Dr. Jones served as department head of History for 18 years. During that tenure, he founded the Religious Studies and Classics programs.

A Reformation historian specializing in Tudor legal, constitutional and religious history, Dr. Jones has held visiting fellowships at Harvard University, the Huntington Library, the Folger Library, the University of Geneva, Oxford University and Cambridge University. In 2008, he was named a Senior Research Fellow of Jesus College, Oxford. He was the Fletcher Jones Distinguished Research Fellow at the Huntington Library for 2015-6.

Dr. Jones has always fought for student-centered teaching, and he's become a national leader in undergraduate education. He directed General Education and Curricular Integration at USU, and he chairs the Regents' General Education Task Force for Utah and the AP Higher Education Advisory Committee for the College Board.