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Follow along on social media as student scientists engage in Peruvian field school


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Students in the Anthropology Department's Ethnographic Field School
with members of their host community, Huanchaco, Peru.

"Yesterday, we were introduced to the heart of the work that we will be doing during our stay in Huanchaco.  On Tuesday afternoon we all piled into a bus and worked our way over to a neighborhood called El Milagro.  he drive was sobering as we saw washed-out roads, destroyed homes and the first attempts of reparation after the massive flooding that occurred here in the past few months." 

That's a taste of the adventures being shared by USU anthropology students on social media. Through June 30, 2017, they are testing their skills in the field during the ongoing Ethnographic Field School. They're conducting research in the small town of Huanchaco, Peru.  
There are plenty of ways to follow their adventures. Their blog, updated daily, is at the address above. You can also see what they're doing at FacebookTwitter and  Instagram.

Follow these anthro students' adventures at their blog:
Also at: