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POLITICAL SCIENCE - Yesola Kweon on reducing corruption in government and social policies in open economies


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Dr. Yesola Kweon, assistant professor of political science

Do Higher Government Wages Induce Less Corruption? Cross-country Panel Evidence
Journal article: Journal of Policy Modeling, Fall 2017
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Economic Competitiveness and Social Policy in Open Economies
Journal article: International Interactions

Kweon teaches Asian politics. Her research interests are political economy, political behavior, party politics and welfare politics.

She adds: "Within these broad areas, I study how the interplay between political parties and voters (re-)shapes public policy, and how the existing policy regimes in return affect the relationship between these two actors.

"While most of my research focuses on social and labor market policy in advanced industrial democracies, some of my recent projects examine the relationship between service delivery and political legitimacy in non-liberal regimes with a focus on China. Other publications extend my research interests in political economy beyond the topic of welfare politics."
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