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New CHaSS Faculty 2017


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New faculty New faculty

 Welcome to eight new faculty members who will work throughout the College of Humanities and social Sciences. They are:

Christopher Gonzalez
Assistant professor, English

John Gamber
Assistant professor, English

 Maria Angela Diaz 
Assistant professor, History

 Dominic Sur
Assistant professor, History/Religious Studies
You may recognize Dominic Sur since he's been at USU for the last year as a visiting assistant professor. He specializes in Asian intellectual and cultural history, literature and philosophy.

Susan Grayzel
Professor, History

Elena Shvidko
Assistant professor, Intensive English Language Institute in Languages, Philosophy and Communication Studies 

Timothy Curran
Assistant professor, Communication Studies

Yesola Kweon
Assistant professor, Political Science

Assistant professor, Aerospace Studies
Recruiting flight commander

Capt. Chukwurah Chukwuemeka
Assistant professor, Military Science

Welcome to all!