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CHaSS faculty, students among Robins Award winners


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Philip Barlow speaks at translation conference
Dr. Christy Glass received the 2017 Robins Award for Undergraduate Faculty
Mentor of the Year. Above, she receives the college-wide award from
CHaSS Dean Joe Ward.

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences was well represented at the April 15 Robins Award ceremony.
Dr. Christy Glass, sociology professor, earned the award for Undergraduate Faculty Mentor of the Year.
Other award winners in the university-wide event were:
— Woman of the Year: Ashley Waddoups (English)
— Master Student Researcher of the Year: Jacqueline Keating (SSWA)
— Graduate Student Teacher of the Year: Sherena Huntsman (English)
— Val R. Christensen Service Award: Becca Huppi (social Work)
The Robins Award is the "most coveted of all Utah State University honors, and the awards night is the year's most prestigious event," according the event's sponsor, the USU Student Association.
This is the ceremony's 68th year marking the legacy of Bill E. Robins, once a student body president. The ceremony included more than 100 nominations of USU students, staff and administration.

Other Robins Award winners were:
Faculty University Service Award: Rebecca G. Lawver
Faculty Researcher of the Year: Silvana Martini
Doctoral Researcher of the Year: Salif Mahamane
Peak Prize for Undergraduate Researcher of the Year: Margaret Hallerud
Professional Adviser of the Year: Tressa M. Haderlie
Eldon J. Gardner Teacher of the Year: Matt Omasta
Scholar of the Year: Darcie Christensen
Legacy of Utah State Award: Erik Gray
Gerald R. Sherratt Award: Jessica Brooksby
Talent of the Year: Michael Francis
Organization of the Year: Best Buddies
Man of the Year: Garrett White
Bill E. Robins Memorial Award: Ty B. Aller