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We know that many students encounter unexpected financial challenges that get in the way of successfully completing their studies. An unexpected medical expense or broken car that you can’t pay for without working many extra hours and putting your studies aside; sudden unemployment due to COVID 19 quarantine or isolation; or insufficient funds for the purchase of books, etc. that make finishing your last year difficult. These kinds of unexpected challenges that require modest amounts of money can often get in the way of you being able to continue your studies. To help you in these circumstances, friends and alumni of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences have generously donated to the Make It or Break It hardship fund. So if you are in need of support to continue on in school, please apply.

The CHaSS Dean or CHaSS Associate Dean may contact you after submitting the application in order to understand your circumstances more clearly.

We want to help you. Please fill out the following form to apply.

If approved, student must write a thank you letter acknowledging award to the CHaSS Dean’s Development Board, c/o to the Dean’s Office, 0700 Old Main Hill, Logan, UT 84322.

Application form

(Junior, Senior, etc)
Please give a brief description of the hardship resulting in this request.
Please tell us about your employment, hourly wage, and monthly earnings:
Please tell us how your personal/family circumstances (defined broadly to include those with whom you are in a committed relationship that involves material support) may be affecting your financial need:
Have you asked other people or organizations for assistance (i.e. family, clergy, college or department, local, state, or federal)? Please explain:

Proxy Applicant Info

Fill this out only if you are filling this out for another person.